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The tale of the toothless Tiger just got itself a princess, Lindsey Vonn

Toothless Tiger

Tiger Woods was spotted in Italy on Monday watching his current girlfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn, set a new world record by winning her 63rd World Cup title.

According to the Associated Press, this was Vonn’s first win in super-G this season and her fourth overall this campaign. She did not compete in the 2014 Sochi Olympics due to a knee injury.

Despite Vonn’s incredible accomplishment, Mr. Woods ended up grabbing the headlines the next day after he was photographed missing a tooth. If reports that Mr. Woods was trying to keep a low profile and keep Ms. Vonn in the spotlight are true, then he should have kept his hideous skeleton mask on to conceal that gap on his front grill.

The mystery surrounding the circumstances in which Mr. Woods lost his tooth continues, as several conflicting reports have surfaced.

First, Mr. Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg, stated that a photographer knocked Mr. Woods’ tooth out after accidentally hitting him in the mouth during the podium celebrations at the World Cup event.

Mark Sternberg statement on Tiger Woods missing tooth

But the event organizers said that the incident was never reported.

Nicola Colli, the secretary general of the race organizing committee, told the AP that he escorted Mr. Woods from the tent where the podium celebrations took place to the snowmobile and the photog incident did not happen. In fact, Mr. Colli said that Mr. Woods wasn’t even in the tent during the podium celebrations. “He was not in the ceremony area during the ceremony … I don’t have any information regarding the accident,” he added.

Lindsey Vonn posted this message on her Facebook page saying that Mr. Woods got his tooth knocked out at the finish area (not the podium area).

Courtesy of Lindsey Vonn- Facebook

Courtesy of Lindsey Vonn- Facebook

The Verdict

Why on earth is Lindsey Vonn confirming his story? She is supposed to be the story.  Plus, she is not helping him by telling some BS story his team made up. In fact, she is hurting her credibility. According to the NY Daily News, a friend of Mr. Woods said that the famous golfer is having dental work done to replace the “discolored incisor,” and since the trip was unplanned, there was not short term remedy to conceal the gap. (Except for that ugly mask.) And this is by far the most credible excuse we have heard about how Mr. Woods lost his tooth. To Mr. Woods and Mr. Sternberg: that should have been the story. If you had gone with that story on day one, we would have gone back to celebrating Ms. Vonn’s victory two days ago.

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