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Richard Sherman gives more than two cents on the Deflategate controversy

The cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks may have a loud mouth but he also has a great point

Since the New England Patriots Deflategate scandal broke early last week, experts have poured out commentary all over the media on the science of footballs, the Patriots’ checkered history of cheating, the NFL’s loose punishment rules, etc.

But few have addressed the big elephant in the room: The National Football League is a $10 billion per year (non-profit, mind you) enterprise and politics is a huge factor in every decision made by the League and its commissioner, Roger Goodell.

And that is precisely what Richard Sherman, the cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks, did when asked about whether he thought the Patriots would be punished for Deflategate.

“Will they be punished, probably not. Not as long as Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are still taking pictures at their respective homes,” he said. “Talk about conflict of interest.”

The Super Bowl defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, will face the New England Patriots on Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday, February 1st.

As PR professionals, in our endless pursuit of PR’s holy grail of presenting the truth in the most PR/legal/politically correct way possible, we sometimes forget the powerful effect of the “unfiltered.”

In honor of the Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, PR||BS will be selecting a memorable quote each week to celebrate the good and the BS in public relations.
And the first week’s prize goes to Richard Sherman.

The Verdict

You want the truth?
“You can’t handle the truth.” (Col. Nathan R. Jessep to Lt. Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men. Dir. Rob Reiner. Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Columbia Pictures. 1992.)

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